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Release 14.02.2019 V 6.1.22


This release contains fixes and improvements as follows:

- User Deactivation

    - We had a bug where deactivating users failed if there was no Competency module in the customer system, this is now fixed.

- Analysis

    - IE and Edge browsers did not show correct data, now they do.

- Actions Modal view

    - We made some changes in the view for actions with status "not accepted".

- Risk Management 

    - Risk Action Taken text was not visible in modal and stripped to 1 line, this has now been improved.

- Risk Management 

    - Content in fields in the risk item modal was reset when entering matrix view for evaluation. This is now fixed.

- Mainstay / Hub menu 

    - Some minor design changes: removed lines between rows for a cleaner view.

- Templates 

    - Images in Templates were not printing to PDF, this is now fixed.

- Translation / Colour 

    - One of the modals for delete connected dropdown sub-menu had an error in translation and a button was missing colour, both of which are now fixed.

- Background colour for fields in documents

    - These have been given a slightly darker shade of grey.

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