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Release 11.04.2019 V6.2.3


Release 11.04.2019




  • Competency 

-Duplicated users in competency removed

- Status filter duplicated

- Admin -> drag and drop bug

- When switched customer, until module has been accessed normal way, the link from profile picture menu doesn't work

- Add capsule with more than 10 competency types

- Report should show all users connected to a capsule when capsule filter is in place

- Report - Status filter, all should be set default on as we display all data

- Analysis -> Selecting and deselecting by legend only works on last edited chart

  • Report Hub 

- Search in report HUB not working with 7 digit number string

- Error creating new reports in new customers

- Analysis: Old graphs missing colors after update

- Private filter error (column marked 2 when filter on 1)

  • KPI Scorecard 

- User favourites bug for kpi after year is changing

  • Documents 

- Save as observation not working in Internet Explorer



  • Report Hub 

- Now you can have revision number as a column in the report hub

  • Documents 

- Connected Dropdown: Required field is not showing red star in document

- Fixes for documents to not be broken in Database

- After css changes on documents wysiwyg is grey background in read mode

  • Competency 

- New user required fields improvement
- Stop antenor users from getting competency users with customers
- Report -> Replicate filter functionality of User Information tab
- Phone numbers should be number fields, not open text fields

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