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Release 25.04.2019 V6.2.4


Release 25.04.2019




  • Competency 

- Mobile -> Responsive Design bugs

- Admin tab -> Ensure only one copy of each value in organisation drop downs

- Admin tab -> Ensure only one copy of each value in Competency types and Capsules

- Trigger time frame for first notification is number field

- Add new trigger bug if trigger list has no item

- Capsule drop down -> add capsule to person without any competences

- Error when current user does not have competency user and tries to save user detail information

- Anaslysis: current chart will be blank after update chart name

  • Mainstay 

- Save changes to name of element

- Click on color button it shows as black even the standard is blue

  • Datasheet 

- Error when copy from global index

  • Documents 

- Upload attachments with apostrophe in the name

- External: After 14 days resend bug

  • KPI Scorecard 

- Cant add/change values to red green section



  • Report Hub 

- Analysis: Same color for numbers from 1 to 9

  • Competency 

- Analysis -> Make chart name translatable

- User must be able to see and select from all drop downs on create user

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