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Release 09.05.2019 V6.2.5


Release 09.05.2019




  • Competency 

- Some fixes when deactivate user and competency user from Super -> Users

- User details page -> Added to toggle on/off trigger email fro system user and competency only user

- Some code changes -> Analysis chart for capsule and users of capsule

- Fixed a view bug for difference in total of user between Report and Desired User Number Chart

- Antenor users shows in analysis options, antenor users should not show up anymore

- Dropdowns style fixed for Internet Explorer 11

- Selecting/Deselecting in dropdowns is changed to be asynchronous

- Admin -> Competencies - If attempting to delete a competency connected to a user, give an error message added

- When creating a capsule the page remains in create window

- Ensure only one copy of each competency and capsule (unique names)

- Report -> Add clickable user names to user details

- Dont showing all of Competencies on User Detail view

  • Mainstay 

- Text in boxes not correct 

  • Documents 

- Error on number fields with blank value for trigger on number fields




  • Competency 

- Admin - Competencies, add trigger to the competency types with recipients: all who has the competency type

- Added Number on paperclip for CV / attachment when files uploaded

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