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Release 04.05.-23 V7.3.3




  • Action Manager: Introducing checklist templates that can be easily imported into actions. You can now configure checklist templates in the admin tab.
  • Action Manager: With the new export actions index to Excel feature, you can easily export all of your actions into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis and reporting.
  • Action Manager: We've added a new feature that remembers your search term and last page when using the back browser button, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Document/Module: Wysiwyg fields now allow users to add text in both English and Norwegian. Document will be displayed in the user's language. This feature needs to be enabled for the Wysiwyg field by the super user.
  • Document/Module: Table field has been improved to support additional cell types such as checklist and radio, with the option to set default values for each cell and mark individual cells as read-only.
  • Document/Print: Link cell of table fields displays as a hyperlink in PDF, providing a more streamlined user experience.


Bug fixes:

  • Reports: We've addressed a bug that caused personal filters not to load on occasion, ensuring reliable and consistent functionality.
  • Wysiwyg: We have resolved an issue with the Wysiwyg toolbar menu remaining attached to the HTML and being difficult to close, enhancing usability.
  • Document/Module: Info field can now be used without showing any field title, making it an ideal solution as a separator or empty line, resolving a previous limitation.
  • Admin/Super: We've fixed various known bugs related to the settings of the chatbox save process, enhancing overall functionality.
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