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Release 04.07.2019 V6.2.9


Release 04.07.2019




  • Competency 

- When a competency user is set to expired they also need to lose their permissions

  • KPI 

- Counting error in KPI Scorecard

- Back function in browser does not work when you want to go back from KPI to Hub menu

  • Access rights 

- Change of view in customers list

  • Analysis 

- Chart name isn't correct if user enter chart name before select chart type

  • Action page 

- Show only actions from modules you have access to

  • Data sheet 

- Cannot add data sheet to Hub menu element




  • Competency 

- Access rights -> Look into whether Analysis and Report tabs should be hidden until user has both Approve and is set as responsible

- Change UI for adding pre-defined chart

- A user should only be able to add predefined chart once

- Swap Competencies and Capsules selection in report

  • Profile page 

- Remove some elements, and allow for change of language without having to edit profile

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