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Release 14.08.2019 V6.2.12


Release 14.08.2019




  • Risk Management 

- Columns with special names is now converted to normal name for tables 

  • Competency 

- Trigger for expired competensies is now sending email to affected user

- Link in email to trigger responsible is now redirecting to corresponding user page

  • Profile Page 

- Create new user now send email with password correctly

  • External Documents 

- Done button at bottom of document is now working as the one on the top




  • General 

- We have started the work for centralised page to manage fields used in many modules to change them in one place and not module for module. And also for organizatonal data.

First step is to have the page created and functionality for modules will come in later releases.

  • Documents 

- We developed the opportunity to be able to choose to send a section/document external or internal from same module.

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