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Release 06.04.-23 V7.3.2



  • Document/Module: The Info field now supports attachments.
  • Document/Module: The Info field's WYSIWYG editor has a new plugin that allows users to change the background of the field.
  • Document/Module: The new table field has been improved to include additional cell types, such as text, number, email, link, and attachment.
  • Action Manager: The Checklist field now has drag and drop functionality to make it easier to sort checklist points.
  • WYSIWYG: All WYSIWYG fields now have a new Emoji plugin.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard has received improvements to its loading speed.
  • Admin: Users now have new features in the Admin section to make it easier for them to assist with support cases.


Bug fixes:

  • Risk management: Exporting to xls for analysis was broken after upgrading some of the underlying technologies, but this issue has been fixed.
  • Accept contents reminders: A bug where users were still receiving reminder emails about expired document revisions has been fixed.
  • Ownership Transfer: A rare case where transferring a risk management action to a different user caused an issue with ownership transfer has been resolved.
  • Super: Unnecessary pages have been removed from the Super section to make navigation easier and to show only relevant information.
  • Login: New users are now always forced to change the default password when logging in for the first time.
  • Reports: Previously, there was a rare case where exporting to xls could display different dates for Date fields based on the client's timezone. However, this issue has now been resolved.
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