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Release 26.03.2020 V6.2.25


Release 26.03.2020




  • Competency 

- fixed some backend errors

  • General 

- Environmental Aspects Matrix bug

- Sometimes can't click on done button and document is not saved either

- Fixed an error on connected dropdown when translation was turned off

- Fixed an error where superusers could not deactivate users

- Fixed an error on print to pdf service

  • Analysis 

- Random colours error when building graphs

- Filter "last year" does not work when "Compare against field"



  • General 

- Global fields additions and fixes

- deleting from attachment tab improved

- Add new user default fields, added surname as default

- when passing a doc from one user to another, add comment to recipient similar to in rejection of documents

- Other improvements on user management

  • Competency 

- Add new date fields to report data displayed

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