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Release 02.07.2020 V6.2.30


Release 02.07.2020




  • General 

- Menu: Alphabetise list of modules under New Document menu item

- External documents: Whichever language the user has selected for their own system will now be the default language of the external documents

  • Document comments box 

- Users are only able to remove their comments whilst on the participants list

- Comments box now allows for tagging other users, using the '@' symbol in front of a user's name

  • Admin

- Remove superfluous functionality for the Update template button under Admin -> Module -> Edit. 

- Restrict admin area access for some users

- Create new module version only if documents exists for current version, otherwise overwrite



  • Competency 

- Trigger/Reminder should now be sent to users, as expected

- Competency: New columns were added, historical data now moved to correspond to the changes

  • General 

- Document chat: Pusher experienced too many concurrent connections

- External attachments: On returned External documents, the attachments should no longer fail

Ownership Transfer: The document verify button now works after ownership has been transferred

- Admin: Module icon will now be copied too, when module is copied from main db to customer

- Attachment: On old document with multiple copies of the same attachments, these attachments can now be deleted

- Document: Even if user opens document in new tab (as opposed to new window), on reject the user will be taken back to dashboard.

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