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Release 16.03.-23 V7.3.1


Release day!  16.03.-23


We would like to inform you that we have recently updated our systems to improve their overall performance and speed. These updates include upgrading the underlying technology that powers our services. As a result of these changes, you can expect a faster and more efficient experience when using our services.



Action manager: The Checklist field in the Action Manager module has been updated to include keyboard shortcuts for increased functionality. Users can now move nodes left using the "shift + tab" shortcut or move them to the right using "tab." Additionally, users can create new nodes using the "enter" key, and create new sub-nodes using "shift + enter."

Action Manager: Separate filters can now be used for each plan.

User profile: Improved user experience with a redesigned and user-friendly Change Password page under the user profile section.

Risk management: Live matrix tab now automatically selects first matrix to avoid confusion from blank pages

Risk management: To enhance usability, required fields have been moved to the top of the page

Documents: The table field has undergone numerous UI improvements, including the ability to handle large content in edit, view, and print modes, including PDFs.

Documents/Modules: Super-Module now allows users to easily add or remove columns in table fields

Modules: User List field now displays "Access Groups" instead of "Groups" to clarify its purpose.


Bug fixes:

Accept contents: Fixed issue where users were receiving reminders for expired document revisions. Reminders will now only be sent for the latest revision.

Document: We have resolved an issue where the default value for the Wysiwyg editor was being automatically assigned, even if it had been previously removed from its related module. This issue has been fixed now. 

Document: A rare case in which the default user for a user list field was incorrect has been fixed. This issue was only visible to super users.

Document print: The table field in print mode had some issues related to font size, which have now been fixed.

Dashboard: The updated date for in-progress documents was displaying incorrectly on older versions of Safari. This has been fixed.

Wysiwyg: The default font is now the same in all areas where the editor is used.

Risk management: The edit mode of the Risk Analysis Items Index appeared poorly on certain screen sizes and resolutions. This has been resolved.

Risk Management: The Info-wysiwyg field was experiencing save issues and not displaying existing values. This issue has been resolved.

User access rights: In some situations, the User access rights page was blank, particularly for standalone module customers. This has been fixed.

User profile: Users can now change their password even for customers with a single module.

Reports: In certain cases, filter results for dropdown values were returning blank results. This has been fixed.

Reports: The filter on dropdown values containing commas in their names resulted in blank results. This has been fixed.

Action Manager: After saving as a draft, the possibility to change the due date was missing. This has been resolved.

Document/wysiwyg: The first line in wysiwyg field being in fullscreen mode was not visible after an upgrade. This has been fixed.

Admin - Statistics: A scrolling issue for active and deactivated users has been fixed, making it possible to see all users in the customer's statistics.

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