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Release 23.10.2020 V6.2.37




  • Actions: You can now change the due date of actions, and there is an option for requiring the change to be approved or for approval to happen automatically. Super user can turn this on/off from Menu -> Super -> Modules -> (Select the relevant module) -> Admin tab
  • Actions: You can also now create actions from view mode of documents which you have in progress. We have also added an error message if you attempt to create actions on documents where you don't have this access.
  • Global Fields: Super users van now merge values within the global fields page (Menu -> Super -> Global fields). You can select two or more values to merge, select an already used name or create a new name for the new, merged value. This means that you can restructure your organisation, merge and rename departments, locations etc. and have this propagated out to all modules which use global fields.
  • Competency: Now when a competency on a user has expired (based on date), the status will automatically change to "Expired" and show as red.
  • Competency: You can now set a preferred language for e-mails for people registered in the competency module, who are not users of ABMS.
  • Page level announcements: We are now able to inform you of changes to specific pages, directly on the main page of our modules.



  • Documents: Files uploaded using the upload field will now remain on this field after Save as draft.
  • Document Print: The wysiwyg will no longer change font, font size etc. as you work through documents. Furthermore, Edit mode, View mode and Print to PDF now all appear identical.

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