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Release 23.02.-23 V7.3.0




  • Wysiwyg field: We're happy to announce that we have upgraded our powerful rich text editor to a new and better version. This will give us possibility to add even more functionality and great features
  • Document / field: A new type of field is now available for our modules. This is a table field having capability to be customised and insert as many rows as you want
  • Action manager: We have added possibility to set if changing due date requires approval from the creator of the action or you choose to auto approve. This setting can be find under Action Manager - Admin tab
  • Action manager: We moved the Plan(s) field to the last slide of the action to be more visible for the users.
  • Reports: We have improved the speed of reports when filtering by dropdown values 


Bug fixes:

  • Document: Forwarding message was included into publishing email. This is fixed now
  • Scorecard / KPI: Some users were having trouble trying to visualize data from previous years. This was a rare case but it's fixed now
  • Reports / Accept contents overview: Deactivated users have been removed from the overview of accept contents requests
  • Document: We fixed a small which was adding the attachments count badge icon in a wrong position
  • Action reminders: Fixed a rare case for reminder emails when a risk management action doesn't have any title (area) filled in 
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