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Release 05.11.2020 V6.2.38




  • Documents: A new button allows you to approve documents yourself, assuming you have the rights to do so. This bypasses the previous functionality of having to send the document to yourself.
  • Actions: You can now Reject, Accept or Forward actions, in case it needs improvement, has been sent to the wrong person, etc.
  • Competency: The export to Excel now shows data and status on separate sheets, in order to improve the workability with the data in Excel.
  • Competency: The export to Excel also now shows First name and Last name as separate columns
  • Competency: When creating multiple users simultaneously, these users will also get corresponding competency users.



  • Documents: Number fields with decimals now work as expected again, and you can write the decimals.
  • Equipment: Location and Country are now available for super user to add to this module.

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