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Release 19.11.2020 V6.2.39




  • Documents:  The paper aeroplane button's tooltip now says "Send for approval" rather than "Send internally".  On external documents the button says "Return form". Furthermore, if there are no potential approves this button will be greyed out, with a tootip stating there are no approvers to select. You will be asked to approve it yourself or contact your super user.
  • Documents: Number fields now accept both positive and negative numbers.
  • E-mail: When a document is forwarded to you the sender field should now show who actually sent you the document, rather than the creator of the document.
  • Hub Menu: You can now scroll in lists when inserting internal documents
  • Super -> Modules: All sections are now always available on all surface sizes.



  • External Documents: Buttons and tabs are now nicely aligned.
  • Actions: New action pop up is now cleared after a section is sent, but information remains in the window until it is sent (even when you close and re-open the window).
  • Super user: When creating multiple users the text is always visible

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