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Release 14.01.2021 V6.2.42




  • Reports: Export to PDF is now possible. This is restricted to a maximum of 5 columns.
  • Risk Management: Editing items in a risk analysis which had no matrix selected now allows you to select the matrix to use.
  • Actions overview: The list of actions can  be filtered by any user of the system. Deactivated users have a deactivated tag following their name.



  • Date fields: Manually input (written) dates, edited and cleared dates are now stored as expected.
  • Placeholder text: In documents, the placeholder text is now translated.
  • External Documents: It is no longer possible to click disabled buttons in external documents.
  • Data Sheet: Users now only need create rights to be able to create a new data sheet.
  • Default values in documents: Selected default values will no be set correctly in the documents.

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