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Release 25.02.-21 V6.2.45




  • Equipment module: This module has had a major overhaul. Super users can add and remove local and global fields to this module now, and the module has had a massive face lift.
  • Risk module: We have finally started our work on overhauling the risk module. Changes so far are that the updated date now reflects the last time a risk item was edited, we have removed the back button from the analysis index, and we have reorganised the risk items title page. Much more will come over the next few weeks.
  • Dashboard: We have removed the notification that you have been successfully signed into the system.



  • Penetration tests: This is a safety measure, and automatic system which attempts to hack in and finds vulnerabilities. The tool was recently updated, and thus found 3 small security risks. These were fixed the same day they were identified.
  • Documents: The approve button caused an immediate publishing of docs when double clicked. This has now been rectified.
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