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Release 25.03.-21 V 6.2.47




  • Risk module: In our effort to better this module we have added functionality for returning to the original order of risk items, the order with which the items were entered into the system. Furthermore we have developed a custom sort order which uses drag and drop of items. Both of these are found at the far left of the items table. We have added a view/edit mode for the report field in the Information tab. This to allow links to work as expected, to both internal and external documents/resources. The sort icons on risk items page has been replaced to match those used in the competency module. A few columns has had their text vertically centred to match the rest of the columns.
  • Document: This is the reason for our big maintenance. We have made changes to how user fields act in the document. This will allow super users to convert user fields between dynamic and static fields. To understand what each of these do, please refer to the information available on the actual field (on Super -> Modules -> Module name). Furthermore we have added save for background colour of text in WYSIWYG fields (our big text boxes with lots of customisation abilities).
  • Maintenance information: We have made improvements to how we inform our users of maintenance windows, and do partial shut downs of the system.
  • Admin page changes: This is only for Antenor-OTG Admins, but we have made some improvements to this page further simplifying our work.



  • Sending externally: When sending a 2nd section externally, or when externally sending a new revision of a previously externally sent document, attachments linked to a document upload field can now be downloaded.
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