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Release 02.02-23. V7.2.1



  • Documents / Action manager: We moved the actions into a separate tab to have a better overview and more possibilities.
  • Document comments: Participants to chat will now get real-time notifications about unread comments, and also documents will be highlighted on the dashboard if there are any unread comments.
  • Security: We have improved our server network security measures.


Bug fixes:

  • Substance Register: You could not create a new item if there were no values available for any of the global fields (company, country, department, location). This is now fixed.
  • Reports: Filter on archived documents was showing wrong results. This has now been fixed
  • Ownership transfer / Action manager: When trying to deactivate a user related to our new Action Manager, there was a problem. It's fixed now, and users can be deactivated if there isn't any in-progress item on them.
  • Dashboard: Updated column is now showing the correct format for the "Your in progress documents" box  


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