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Release 08.04.2021 V6.2.48




  • Risk module: New this week is that on creating a new analysis you will now be taken directly to edit mode of the items, and be given 10 blank rows to work with. At the bottom of the table you can easily add an additional 1, 10 or 50 more blank rows. In addition you are now able to add a row in the middle of the list of items from edit mode, and we've added the ability to copy/copy to and delete in edit mode. Finally, upon creating a new analysis, when you first go to view mode the table will automatically be fully expanded so that you see all the information. Anything you then select to collapse will remain collapsed for your next visit.



  • Documents: We recently solved an issue with multi-clicking the approve button on documents. This fix has now been applied to the Send, Forward and Save as observations buttons in addition.
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