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Release 27.05.-21 V6.2.51




  • Risk module: New this week is the removal of the info column on analysis index. This information is better represented in either edit mode of analysis index or in the information tab on the analysis itself. We have also removed the "closed" checkbox. For any analysis where this is checked off, it will remain until you uncheck the checkbox. At this time the checkbox will no longer be visible. Aside from this we have made some changes to the backend to improve the performance of the module as a whole. This is still work in progress, so hopefully you'll see further improvements in speed after next release.
  • User interface: We have, this week, launched a new website and a new business profile. In relation to this we have updated our logo in the system.
  • AdminWe have added the created date for systems in our customer overview, so that we can easily determine how old the systems are. This is important information for our support staff, so we made it more easily available.
  • Independent actions: Work is well underway for our new independent actions. The only thing you will see for now, though, is a new pre-defined access group which cannot be deleted or edited.



  • Risk module: We have reinstated the ability to copy a risk analysis. 
  • Documents: All information added to a document should now be stored as expected.
  • Substance register: The index page will now always show the risk analysis of the last entered area of use.

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