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Release 26.08.-21 V 7.0.1




  • User interface: Changes to company menu should now be reflected in the menu, in real time.
  • Documents: Users can now subscribe and unsubscribe to updates on documents. The notification is triggered on publishing a new revision of a document.
  • Risk module: In edit mode you can now expand and collapse all columns, as in view mode. In collapsed view you will see owner and action responsible directly in the table, and these can be edited there. When copying an analysis you can select a new matrix. When doing so you cannot use rest risk as new risk.
  • PerformanceImproved the way data is loaded for the announcement bell so that it takes much less time
  • Actions manager: We have removed the access rights group from view, so as not to confuse people.



  • User Interface: Company menu should appear as expected in the menu again, and connected drop-downs now look good again in document edit mode, regardless of their placement or number of levels.
  • Chat box: The chat box should update in realtime again.
  • Risk management: We have removed some flashing of the UI which happened as you moved around the module.
  • KPI Scorecard: Documents are counted as they should, regardless of module version.
  • Super -> Modules: web console errors have been fixed
  • Reports: Viewing connected dropdown columns now works as expected.
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