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Release 07.10.-21 V7.0.3




  • Risk module: We have made some changes to the user interface for handling actions from dashboard and e-mail. This should help users easier understand what they are meant to do. In the Admin tab you can now change the directional headers for a matrix (default Probability and Consequence). After copying a matrix you now see the new matrix, and it's links to analyses (none - since this is a new matrix).
  • Actions manager: We have added the ability for users to select the columns they wish to see in Overview index, My overviews and Actions index. This functionality is still not ready for our users to use, this is just an update on our progress.



  • Risk management: Wysiwyg for Report appears in Information tab again now. Data from Potential Consequence is now copied with the copy analysis function. Residual risk can now be set when handling action from e-mail.
  • New User Interface: Users can now open documents from reports on mobile surfaces. Clicking the back button should now return you to where you came from on Substance register, Competency and Equipment modules.
  • External Document: When sending external documents, the pop up will now always display a full wysiwyg.
  • Document: Preview of attachments has been moved slightly so that users can download the attachments again.
  • Super user: For a User list field, the default user list, and also access groups, are now updated whenever there are changes made to users' / groups' access rights.

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