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Release 22.11.-21 V7.0.5




  • Reports: You can now sort by the Delete column.
  • Documents: After deleting a document the system will now redirect you back to where you were before.
  • Actions manager: We added a Creator, created_at and Updated_at columns, and sorting and filtering on all overviews and indexes.
  • Global fields: All special modules have been instructed to always fetch the latest version of the global field values.
  • Risk management: You can now favour and unfavour analyses from inside the indiviual analyses. The graphs shows all colours selected in matrices in use. It is now possible to unlock locked analyses from the information tab. Locking an analysis is deprecated functionality, so once unlocked you will not be able to lock it again. We have updated the user interface for selecting columns to use our most recent standard, and we have added the project column found in information tab to the risk analysis index.



  • Risk management: Graphs: Clicking residual risk bar now shows the true residual risk
  • External documents: Original document data no longer gets overwritten by external users data
  • Company menu: These now appear in the menu according to the sort order set on the menus

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