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Release 09.12.-21 V7.0.6




  • Documents: Read and understood functionality partially released. More will come on this next week. It is now possible to send published documents to ABMS users to request that they read through and accept the contents of the document. Anyone who has previously been requested to accept the contents will automatically be requested to do accept again, if a new revision is published. Anyone with Edit rights or higher on a module can request acceptance from others, the functionality can be turned on from Super -> Modules -> Admin tab.
  • Risk management: We have added an additional two shades of blue for work with opportunities, and made headers in risk items index frozen. Share URL now works with Global field filters. Finally, we have updated the UI so that you will now find both dropdown/global field management and matrix management under the Admin tab. This tab will see many more changes in the near future.



  • Analysis: Comparing responsible with status now allows for opening the list of documents from the bar. This popup has an improved user interface now.
  • Documents: We have fixed more cases of the back button leading to a new revision of a document being created. This should now be fixed in all eventualities. Default selection of fields now count as being filled in on the front end, and will no longer appear red.

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