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Release 20.01.-22 V7.0.8




  • Documents: The Content acceptance functionality (previously read and understood) has had further improvements. We have added a tab to reports where you can see all documents which have been sent out for approval, and status for each document for each users requested to accept the contents. 
  • Risk management: We have added frozen table headers to risk analyses tables. This allows users to work down the list of risks whilst still seeing the table headers. When copying an analysis all items are unlocked and evaluations set to 0 or original risk to previous residual risk if requested.
  • Global fields: Company field in special modules has been converted to a global field.
  • Action manager: We have now added global fields to actions and updated the UI for the checklists. Still not available to our customers.
  • API: We have now released an API for our competency module. This is a read only API, but allows for gathering of data from the module to display in other systems. 
  • Dashboard: Search results are now available to open in new tabs.
  • Equipment: Search results remain as you move from a piece of equipment back to index.



  • External Documents: Using translatable connected drop-downs in an external document no longer causes an error in the document.
  • Documents: Input fields no longer appear as double as the documents load, and input is now registered on first entry.
  • KPI Scorecard: Values are now counted separately, even if they are very similar.

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