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Release 10.02.-22 V7.0.9




  • Competency Management: It is now possible to open competency user profiles in new tabs from both the user profile in the system menu, and from the user information tab within the module.
  • Risk management: We have enhanced the risk analysis table so that it no longer flashes as columns are expanded/collapsed. Changes to global field name changes (the actual field, not values within a field) are reflected in the module.
  • Action manager: We have added the ability to sort and filter on global fields in actions and updated the action UI. The creation process has now been split into three sections. This functionality is not available to our customers.
  • Triggers: We have re-worked some of the code for the triggers as the previous code was found to be both faulty and inefficient. Previously certain triggers would only send out one reminder e-mail, where there should have been one reminder per week. Users may, with this change, receive a trigger update from a number of documents. These e-mails are grouped by their relevant trigger though, so people should not receive too many e-mails.
  • Reports:  The report will now remember your search when you open a document and then use the back button to get back to the report.



  • Documents: Archived documents should now retain their correct updated at date. Incorrectly stamped documents have been corrected.
  • Competency Management: Users need both first and surname to be able to save their information, these fields are mandatory.
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