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Release 03.03.-22 V7.0.10




  • Risk management: When copying an analysis the sort order of the original analysis is now also used in the copy, and after copying an analysis you are not taken directly into the copy to start working with it. If there are unsaved changes on the information tab when you attempt to leave the tab you will now be notified and given an option to save the changes. The Project field has been converted to a global field.
  • Action manager: We have added the ability to send actions to multiple recipients.
  • Global Fields: We have rearranged the contents a little in these fields: we now show an alphabetised list of active values first, followed by an alphabetised list of deactivated values.
  • Competency Management: It is no longer possible to save users without a name, and the validation UI has been brought in line with how it works on documents



  • Risk Management: Attachments now show the correct number of uploaded files, and the analysis table looks as it should on safari.
  • Equipment Management: Index table now looks as it should in all resolutions.
  • Language selector: This now appears in the correct place at all times in Safari.

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