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Release 28.04.-22 V7.0.12




  • Risk management: Super users can now dynamically add and remove both global and local fields to the module, and we have updated the way translations are handled for the risk matrices.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard boxes now use a different loading method for documents, meaning that all your documents are now available directly from the dashboard.
  • Equipment Management: We have made a small fine tuning to access rights, users now need create or higher to copy an equipment entry, as this creates a new entry in the system.
  • System menu: In Norwegian, we have updated the text for new documents from Nytt [module name] to "Ny registrering" due to the linguistic challenges related to the forms of the work "new" in Norwegian: "nytt" vs "ny".
  • Backup system: We have developed a new system for ABMS backups, due to the fact that we did not consider the old system to entirely fulfil our SLA. This change is not something that our customers will notice, aside from if you need recovery of some data from long ago.  



  • Competency Management: Deleted competencies no longer return on a user if you remove a capsule from said user.
  • Report Analysis: Bar graphs should now again reflect the underlying data
  • Equipment: It is no longer possible to set time frames to negative numbers and we fixed a filter problem which sometimes rendered the equipment index non-accessible.
  • Document Chat box: The chat box area has been decreased when user is in full window mode in a WYSIWYG, so that it doesn't cover the document text anymore.
  • Substance Register: The Active/inactive filter now works as expected again.


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