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Release 09.06.-22 V7.1.1




  • User access rights: We have added the ability to remove all users from an access group with one button click.
  • Risk: You can finally use different colour palettes on different tabs of the risk matrix, allowing for creating, amongst other things, an opportunity tab. Also, the data from the information tab is now available also in the exports. In a single analysis export you also get the report, on a separate sheet, added as an image.
  • Document modules: There is now a new type of field available for document modules - an information field. We can add this to your modules, and the text to show on each document is then written and formatted by your super user.
  • Reports: It is now possible to set a personal filter on more than one status at a time in module reports.
  • System menu: You can now access the various module tabs directly from the system menu.



  • Dashboard: Loading documents in dashboard boxes should now always work.
  • Actions: Double clicking send will no longer create two actions (original and duplicate).
  • Document: Users on occasion experiences an inability to scroll in documents after having rejected a document. This has now been solved.
  • Reports: Status filters work as expected regardless of module changes to number of sections.
  • Global fields: Ownership transfer works again after merging of values used in Competency module.
  • Risk management: Opening the matrix in view mode should no longer set a new updated at date for the analysis. 
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