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Release 21.07.-22 V7.1.5



  • Standard modules, Reports and KPI: We have changed the way ABMS stores data for all standard modules (ex. NCR, Controlled documents, Audit and more), this will allow for the creation of standard modules with very many fields. Since the fields from standard modules are also used/shown many places this change also include changes to reports (filters, analysis, sorting and more), triggers and KPI Scorecards. All current modules and documents have been converted to this new way of storing data. There are no visible changes to the user, but the change has allowed for the creation of modules with over 500 fields.
  • Risk Management: We have made changes to the access rights needed to delete a risk analysis or risk element. On the risk index page the delete button for deleting a risk analysis will now show for super users, the user that is set as the facilitator of that risk analysis and the creator of that risk analysis. The delete button for deleting a risk element on a risk analysis will show if a user have "Edit" or higher access rights to the Risk module and the risk element status is "Open" or "No action".
  • Report: The personal filter for "Responsible" will now show only system users that have create or higher access rights for the current module in the report. The list of users has also been alphabetized and you can now search for users in the list.


Bug fixes

  • Document print: The calculation field will again show as expected in document pdf print.
  • Report: When trying to create a new document using the "New document" button in a report, the user will now get a document on the latest version of the module.
  • Risk module: The browser's back button will now work as expected for the risk index, graph and admin pages.

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