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Release 11.08.-22 V7.1.6



  • Documents: We have optimised the way we store data in documents, which now works a lot faster than before.
  • Corporate reports: These have been re-enabled now that the code base follows the new methodology for saving data, released for standard modules, reports and KPI scorecards last sprint.


Bug fixes

  • Reports: Some reports were very slow to load after our changes on how data is saved. This has now been corrected. Some times the Remove filter button didn't show for personal filters, now this works as expected.
  • KPI: The new document save functionality had adverse effects on the retrieval of available years in KPI scorecards. These effects have now been corrected.
  • Competency management: Users can now filter on System user in the User information tab again.
  • Risk management: A small bug stopped people from being able to select Risk owner and Risk action responsible groups for analyses. Users are now able to set these groups again, to continue work on the module. Also, if clicking away from changes on information tab, when asked if you want to save, the system will now check whether required fields are indeed filled in.

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