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Release 01.09.-22 V7.1.7



  • Risk management: A new tab and menu item is now available in the risk module, a Live Matrix View. This will give you a complete overview of all your risks in one matrix. On refresh, the system now also remembers which tab you were viewing and takes you directly to the correct tab.
  • Documents: If a document is open in edit mode in multiple tabs or windows, all open copies will be automatically updated as you fill in a document. This to ensure that you cannot overwrite data with old data in a document.
  • Substance Register: Missing H and P sentences have been added to the system.


Bug fixes

  • Reports: A bug whereby some reports were shown as blank pages has been fixed.
  • Equipment: Triggers will no longer be sent out to deactivated users.
  • Documents: We recently introduced a bug whereby archiving was no longer available. This has now been corrected. Also, tabs should now always be visible and not appear behind the page header.

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