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Release 06.06.2024


Release day! 06.06.-24


Module/Document: Expandable sections can now be configured to print to PDF on a new page if necessary.
Module/Document: Dynamic forms are more configurable, allowing fields within expandable sections to be selected as part of a dynamic configuration, if the dynamic dropdown is also part of the expandable section.
Wysiwyg: Uploaded images in the Wysiwyg field will now display at the maximum available width if the image width exceeds the screen size, avoiding horizontal scroll.
Super: Added warnings and error messages when attempting to update a global field if one with the same name already exists.
Super: Added a warning message when a super user attempts to change the name of a field in a standard module, alerting them that it will affect all existing documents, including the published ones.
Bug fixes:

General: Improved code to exclude certain Antenor users who were listed as customers without proper connections.
Document: Enhanced a modal that displayed poorly when changing the value of a dropdown in a dynamic form, which affected several rows
KPI/Scorecard: Fixed a bug where editing a KPI from a previous year caused the system to load data from the current year upon saving. The correct data will now be displayed.
Document/PDF/Wysiwyg: Fixed a bug related to printing to PDF and Wysiwyg fields where some bold letters were overlapping when numbers were part of the content.
Action Manager: Fixed a bug that occurred when creating a new customer, which caused the Action Manager module to break.

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