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Release 7.8.1



Module/Document: Global fields have been added to standard modules/documents
Security: **Adopted DMARC protocol for our domain to stay current with requirements and enhance email security
Action Manager: Sorting by the source name column could have been quite slow, especially when numerous actions were associated with standard documents. However, this has been significantly enhanced for smoother performance.
Company menu: Enhanced linking to modules configuration modal
Document: Read&Understood: We stopped sending emails when users accept document content to reduce the amount of emails they get.
Super: Removed unintended page from the super menu
GUI: Updated footer support link to direct to the new one

Bug fixes:

Action Manager: Fixed a bug which was causing a blank index for the action manager module when the customer had only standard modules but no risk management module
Global fields: Resolved bug impacting users with access to multiple customers, ensuring the list of global fields updates properly
Documents: Fixed bug occurring when a table was within an expandable section and part of a dynamic form configuration, enabling full content display for oversized cell content
Module/Documents: Corrected display issue where Ams-info field rendered all text content as bold, now reflecting rich text editor content
Documents: Fixed the issue where content was disappearing in new document versions when changes were made to the column titles in the table field
Global fields: Fixed a bug which was affecting new created customers

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