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Release day! 10.04.-24


  • Super/Module: Super users now have the option to designate fields as required or optional for standard modules
  • Document/Module/Super: Table fields have been enhanced with additional options. A toggle has been added to the configuration, allowing users to specify whether to allow the addition and deletion of rows in the table
  • Document/Module: Dynamic forms can now be configured on radio fields as well, not limited to just dropdowns.
  • Action Manager: The action checklist now supports longer text entries.

Bug fixes:

  • Action Manager: Fixed an issue where the source name column was empty in some rare cases when the customer only had the Risk Management module and no other modules.
  • Module/Document: Dynamic form configuration became inaccessible after a redesign of the field settings section. This issue has been promptly resolved.
  • Document: Various bugs related to dynamic form configuration and required fields have been addressed. Issues such as incorrect document processing and validation errors have been fixed.
  • Document: A bug affecting the positioning of the toolbar menu in the WYSIWYG editor, especially within dynamic form configurations, has been resolved.
  • Dashboard: Fixed an issue where some users were unable to see documents in their boxes on the dashboard after deselecting the favorite box.
  • Document: The top right buttons (edit, archive, print) were unclickable at certain resolutions, such as on tablets. This issue has been fixed.
  • Module: The option to use translations for dropdowns has been reinstated after a redesign of the field settings section inadvertently removed it.
  • Document: Excessive scrolling in documents caused by expandable sections has been fixed.
  • Document: A counter has been added for the delete button in a modal that displays when switching pages after creating a new document.
  • Document: Default values were not assigned in dynamic form configurations for fields that were initially hidden and then displayed. This issue has been resolved.
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