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Acceptance Criteria


The following minimum criteria must be complied with by Antenor's system suppliers:

Availability: Antenor guarantees 99% uptime.

Maximum response time: 1000 ms within Norway. Expect slightly higher in other parts of the world.

Physical security: Physical servers are expected to be in a locked server room, where only staff with operational needs has access. It is further expected that, if desired, Antenor can obtain a log of who has had access and when, and who has used their access and when.

Data security: It is expected that Antenor's customers' data is stored securely, behind a firewall, in a data environment that is well updated with current security routines and processes.

Data recovery: Subcontractors are expected to have good backup routines, or alternatively giving Antenor the opportunity to configure the backup routines. Furthermore, it is expected that subcontractors can assist in running a data restore should this be necessary.

Physical location: Norway

Data access: Only employees of subcontractors who have operational or supportive reasons for access should have access to Antenor's and customers' data.

Possibility of data transport: It should be easy to move data from one subcontractor to another, should Antenor want such a switch. All data shall, in relation to subcontractors, be owned by Antenor. Furthermore, copying and deletion of said data needs to be at the discretion of Antenor.

Process for identifying problems and solutions: Subcontractors are expected to have a support phone number. Furthermore, subcontractors are expected to have technicians available for identification and problem solving 24/7.

Agreement termination criteria: It is expected that no notice is required earlier than 30 days before any renewal of a subscription.

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