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Release 22.09.-22 V7.1.9



  • App: We are working on releasing ABMS as apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store. In relation to this we have created an app which is currently downloadable directly from the internet. This works for all screen sizes, and download button appears in the URL field.


Bug fixes

  • Equipment: Some users reported issues with seeing the Equipment index loaded with data. This has now been fixed.
  • Competency management: Changing access rights for this module should now work properly, and give you information as to why you cannot make the changes, should this be the case.
  • Document: Changes made in document should now always be saved again. Also, print outs should again contain your logo, and images. Archiving has been re-enabled.
  • Reports: Print to pdf should again contain your logo, and graphs based on connected dropdown (hierarchical drop down) fields show data as expected again.
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