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Antenor processes certain personal information on behalf of its customers by providing its software. The system will be used to store the information of the controller for the modules that the client has chosen to use.

Users are normally registered with name and email as a unique user ID.  Name and email can be used by Antenor to send relevant and necessary system information. 

The customer's system administrator registers the user name and email and even gives the access they think the end user should have to the different parts of the software. The client responsible for treatment must use their own internal routines for the necessary information for users about the use of personal data in AMS and ABMS. 

NB!. Modules for competence and personal injury may contain sensitive data and the customer must be careful when accessing these modules. Beyond these two modules, only user names are used by the system.

Antenor is not responsible for the use of personal data in eg text fields. This must be regulated by internal routines of the individual customer.

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