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Release 24.07.2015 V 5.13


Version 5.13

This update includes:

  • New:  Pie Chart in report hub with Count/percentage view

  • New:  Uniqe ID number for each document regardless of version

  • Fixed: Mail Template when publish document

  • Fixed: Attachments do not follow up to a new revision

  • Fixed: Attachments not viewable after publish

  • Fixed: Can take over a document beeing edited

  • Fixed: Linked document in in wisywyg "not found" error

  • Fixed: Old values in schema when new action is created

  • Fixed: Send document for approval, mail and internal message missing

  • Fixed: Different formats on dates

  • Fixed: Do not allow edit of documents after sent to approval

  • Fixed: Help text in matrix empty

  • Fixed: Can publish document before action is approved

  • Fixed: WYSIWYG Text color fixed

  • Fixed: Create actions only in edit mode

  • Fixed: Actions in documents are not showing

  • Fixed: Signs appear on mousover favourite stars

  • Fixed: Report index crash

  • Fixed: Favourites last document revision

  • Fixed: Can create reports with read access

  • Fixed: Verify document failed

  • Fixed: Error in report index, translation of values to Norwegian

  • Fixed: RM Risk matrix save - failed

  • Fixed: RM workflow - when accepting/rejecting action

  • Fixed: Environmental aspect - actions changes

  • Fixed: Do not allow edit of documents after sent to approval

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