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Release 16.10.2015 V 5.16


Version 5.16

This update includes:

  • Fixed: Left aligned icons etc in Internet explorer now centered

  • Fixed: Excel export now supports æ, ø and å letters

  • Fixed: Autosave function is now improved to better performance

  • Fixed: Dates missing in internet explorer report hub

  • Fixed: Favourites that dissapeard if changing profile language

  • Fixed: Login when using Internet Explorer is now normal, still we are seeing some issues when running on Citrix, this is beeing looked at.

  • Fixed: Change of list values that showed wrong value in documents

  • Fixed: Blank reports is now fixed

  • Fixed: Reports not showing all documents

  • Fixed: Translation error in some fields i report index

  • Fixed: Documents not showing when choosing columns in report hub

  • Fixed: Dateformat error in Safari Browser , report index

  • Fixed: Larger Text Font on  print.

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