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Release 14.12.2023 V.7.5.0


Release day!  12.12.-23



  • Risk Management/Action Manager: Enhancements have been made to the risk management system. Risk management actions are now converted to independent actions, allowing the addition of multiple actions to a single risk management item. A new column, "existing barriers," has been introduced. Further enhancements include improvements to the risk management module, along with the introduction of a mobile and tablet mode interface for both viewing and editing.
  • Super/Admin: The Translations page now excludes translations used in module fields and global fields.
  • Action Manager: The module name and source link are now displayed in the edit mode of actions, making it easier to recognize where the action belongs.


Bug fixes:

  • Document: Attachments in the upload field were not consistently saved. This issue has been rectified.
  • Module: Moving a field from one row to another was causing the loss of the label name. This has been resolved.
  • Document external: The "Save as Draft" button icon was missing, but it has now been fixed.
  • Document: The Wysiwyg field inside an expandable section had a visual issue in rare cases, but this has been addressed.
  • Action manager: Fixed a case where the removal of a global field from the module, with sorting preferences set on that global field column, caused a blank index.
  • GUI: We added some missing translations
  • Kpi/Scorecard: The info field was displaying incorrect information in certain cases, and data was being overwritten with content from another source. This has been fixed.
  • Packages: Addressed a bug that occurred when creating a new customer.
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