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Release 16.12.2016 V 5.55


Version 5.55

This update includes:

  • Fixed: Removed print icon Kpi Scorecard

  • Fixed: Fixed Kpi when open a subcategory from system from an older version of a module

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug when a user is selected in workflow target

  • Fixed: Fixed some print bugs for documents- including actions

  • Fixed: Fixed bug in kpi when update a field in the module which was with translation and now is without translation

  • Fixed: TOC to pdf print

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug in color indication in KPI

  • Fixed: Fixed Special chars(norwegian) for export in reports

  • Fixed: Show only selected section on print

  • Improvement: Added Warning modal when trying to add the user which already exists in an access group

  • Improvement: Improved print security

  • Improvement: Removed Set as test document, Added modal for delete document

  • Improvement: Inserted images keeps now original proportions in wysiwyg

  • Improvement: Improved External documents Message

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