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Release 23.12.2016 V 5.56


Version 5.56

This update includes:

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug when superuser wasn't able to delete reports 

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug for dashboard dropdowns filter- added translations

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug for actions - Clear the modal for actions when you open an existing one and then create a new one

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug in reports when column text overlap next column

  • Fixed: Risk information matrix- moved labels in the matrix

  • Fixed: Access groups remove right and/or user - fixed a bug for active documents, added href so the document is opened when you click on the url, in a new tab

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug for scorecard transition in the new year

  • Improvement: Removed Risk Module from attachment field

  • Improvement: Export to excel - Now you're able to export in native xlsx, so you don't get that CSV error anymore

  • Improvement: Added check for actions in_progress when trying to deactivate a user

  • Improvement: Use existing lists in modules- see only lists from last versions of modules, sorted, translated and with the module_name.

  • Improvement: Competency - show long texts cut and ellipsis in reports

  • Improvement: Updated workflow template translation

  • Improvement: Don't run trigger anymore when self approve a document

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