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Release 02.11.23 v7.4.1


Release day!  01.11.-23



  • Module/Super/Admin: When opening the module, fields now automatically collapse to provide a more comprehensive view of the module's layout. The design of fields and module layout has also been enhanced.
  • Module/Super/Admin: Table field previews are now accessible even when the field is collapsed.
  • Document/Module: The fonts for checklist and radio table fields have been harmonized with the rest of the content.


Bug fixes:

  • Document/Print: We resolved a bug related to printing to PDF, where specific resolutions were introducing unwanted extra blank spaces. Additionally, we fixed the pagebreak functionality.
  • Document/Print: Process map icons are now correctly displayed in print to PDF.
  • Document/Module: We fixed a rare occurrence that was causing incorrect data to be automatically added to a checkbox field when a new revision was created.
  • Super/Ownership transfer: In-progress actions are now consistently shown. This rectifies a previous issue where only some of the in-progress actions were erroneously hidden
  • Report: We removed the "ams-expandable-section" field from Report columns, as it was not intended to be included.
  • Action Manager: We addressed a bug related to forwarding actions, ensuring that the responsible user is updated correctly to the new user.
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