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Release 24.08-23 V7.3.7



  • Document/Module: Introducing enhanced document features - expandable sections.
  • Document/Module: Streamlined appearance for document fields - removed borders and backgrounds to match other modules. 
  • Document/Module: Table field - improved design and functionality for the link type column.
  • Document/Module: You can now insert new rows in the table field, both above and below the current rows.
  • Reports: Description field is no longer mandatory.
  • Admin: Optimized onboarding process for new customers - expect a faster experience.
  • Admin/Module: Simplified addition of new sections between existing ones - making management more convenient.


Bug fixes:

  • Wysiwyg:  Restored missing font families (Calibri / Calibri Light) that went absent after the editor upgrade.
  • Document/Print: Fixed PDF printing issue that occurred rarely when numerous fields were on the same row.
  • Document/Module/Trigger: Resolved recently introduced problem with broken links in trigger emails for documents.
  • Super: Fixed issue where deactivated users were not visible in the Super - Users page due to recent changes.
  • Module: Fixed bug in table field configuration panel that prevented checklist and radio configuration.
  • Admin/Module: Resolved "no translation" error message within table fields in our templates
  • Admin: Rectified two errors that could arise during the establishment of a new customer.
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