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Release 03.08.-23. V7.3.7



  • Reports: We're pleased to introduce a new feature that allows users to conveniently copy report URLs. This addition simplifies the process of sharing and collaborating on critical analysis
  • Super/Module: Continuing our user experience commitment, we've optimized the tooltip module's configuration panel for enhanced interaction efficiency
  • System health: Our backup solution has undergone substantial improvements to provide an expanded array of restoration points. This enhancement fortifies data recovery capabilities and overall system resilience
  • Security: In our ongoing efforts to enhance security, we've taken steps to reinforce our system's resilience against potential vulnerabilities. These improvements include measures to ensure the continued safety of your data and interactions. Your peace of mind is important to us.


Bug fixes:

  • Module/Document: Addressed a bug within table fields that previously caused missing values sometimes, when internal links or attachments were added
  • Reports: Resolved a bug in reports analysis when filtering by timeframes (e.g., custom year, last year, last month). This ensures accurate analyses for customers in diverse time zones.
  • Dashboard: Successfully resolved a bug related to risk management actions with lengthy titles, which previously affected the visibility of other columns within the dashboard actions box. This restoration ensures a seamless dashboard experience
  • Admin: Rectified an error that could occur when double-clicking the save button within a module. This fix eliminates potential disruptions and ensures smooth user interaction.
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