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Release 13.07.-23 V7.3.6



  • Module/Document: Every field now has a new feature that allows you to configure a tooltip, which can be translated or not. This tooltip will be displayed in the documents.
  • Super: We have redesigned the access group membership list to include the access group description along with the access group name.
  • Super: We have added an information question mark in Super - Customer system settings - Company email address settings to provide an explanation of how this functionality works. Additionally, we have implemented a confirmation modal to notify users that the changes made are irreversible.


Bug fixes:

  • General: We have addressed a bug that only occurred in countries with significant timezone differences. Previously, hovering the mouse over the date field would cause the date to shift one day earlier. This issue has been resolved.
  • Risk Management: We have resolved a bug that was causing two matrices to be updated simultaneously if the matrix being edited was a copy of another matrix.
  • Document: We have fixed a bug that was preventing the label field from reflecting the latest changes when a new revision of a document was created.
  • Module: In rare cases, the ams-user-list field was not loading the correct users for the default user list. This issue has been resolved.
  • Admin: We have fixed a bug that could occur during the creation of a new customer, which was related to the creation of our predefined global fields.
  • System: We have made some changes to ensure that all backups are performed during non-working hours, specifically late at night.
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