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Release 08.06.2018 V 6.1.2


Version 6.1.2

This update includes:

  • Fixed: WYSIWYG Internet explorer fix
  • Fixed: Competency report view fix
  • New: Competency Access Rights

The biggest news in this release is a Competency access rights improvement to ensure compliance with the new GDPR

Mostly all uses an access group for a Standard User that has Read on Competency module if they have the module.

Those with Read Access now only see their own personal card and personal competence, but cannot edit either.

We made a new admin field in competence module where location / department supervisors can see all users in these departments, and not others

can see all users in these departments but not all other.

A new FAQ will explain how this works, and how setup "ought" to be.

The new FAQ is located here:  New Competency Access Rights

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