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Release 15.06.2018 V 6.1.3


Version 6.1.3

This update includes:

  • Improvement: Equipment - Filters, search, sort, pagination speed improvements
  • Fixed: Hub Menu - Reload mainstays after update. Reload names in Main menu
  • Fixed: Document - Fixed Bug for Print, Edit, Archive Icons over Edit profile informations
  • Fixed: Document - Typeahead removed autocomplete browser suggestions
  • Fixed: Competency - Fixed add new competencies to users rename problem, 
  • Fixed: Competency - wrong competencies in reports, fixed wrong competencies on users, 
  • Improvement: Competency - added Alerts when try to rename a competency type which is used in user competencies, 
  • Improvement: Competency - added alerts when try to delete a competency type which is used in user competencies

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